10 books suggest by Billionaires [Book Review]


The study found that 88 percent of wealthy individuals encourage their colleagues and executives to read at least 10 books a day. Billionaires who not only encourage entrepreneurs to read books, they also like to read books themselves. For example, Bill Gates reads 1 book per week, and at the end of the year, he reads about 50 books. After reading, you publish reviews of those books on your website. Again Warren Buffett has taken the book to another level, he spends 80% of his day reading books.

They think that the books mentioned here will play an extraordinary role in the life of any entrepreneur. So, if their lives are fruitful, then why not in your life? In the interviews, the books had a special role to play in the minds, minds, career and business management of the world-famous wealthy businessmen. From the list of world-renowned billionaires, the list is made up of 10 books that entrepreneurs and skilled workers must-read. Introduction of books is highlighted in this article keeping in mind the young entrepreneurs and business class.

10. Think and Grow Rich
Napoleon Hill

In the book that discusses, the author highlights the struggles of entrepreneurial life for 500 business entrepreneurs. Among them is Scottish-American business emperor Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919). The founder of the world-renowned Ford Ford Motor Company is Henry Ford (1863-1947), American Steel Magnet Charles M. Shoaib (1862-1939), including prominent figures. Before the onset of the global recession in the 9th century, they made remarkable progress in the business industry on earth. These personalities play a key role in advancing the current state of the United States and the machinations of the world. In the book Napoleon Hill, he discusses how to move forward, how to make decisions, and how to become a successful entrepreneur.

09. Business Adventures
John Brooks

The main purpose of any business is to make a profit. However, in order to build a business that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, you need to employ different strategies. The book discusses the business strategies of the world-renowned billionaire author. In particular, the business life challenges of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have been used as case studies here. The special feature of the book is that it is not like a market book. On the contrary, as the author suggests, many challenges in the real life of the business mogul will come to an entrepreneur like a picture.

08. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing
John C. Bogle

John C. Bogle is a reputed author of the Vanguard Group. In his book, he discusses the fundamentals of investing. But issues are essential lessons in any entrepreneur’s life. In the book, he points out the things that are important to know, especially before starting a business.

07. Tools of Titans
Tim Ferris

Tim Ferriss outlines the strategy of becoming a billionaire in the book. The economy of the current dynamic world is largely controlled by several corporate entities. The investment environment in the business world is much more complex and risky now. Likewise, the investment world is much wider than in the past. Market interest, demand is constantly changing. As a result, everything related to investment demands a sensible decision. In the book, Tim Ferriss discusses some of the suggestions for moving ahead properly in such an investment environment.

06. The Richest Man in Babylon
George s Classon

In the last couple of centuries, the pattern of business has changed drastically. Especially since the industrial revolution, the business industry has undergone tremendous changes. With the improvement of the communication system, the scope of the business world has increased. For these reasons, consumers’ interests have changed. Due to the availability of telecommunications, airports, etc., business is not restricted to any particular area. In any region of the world, there is a direct correlation of the global economy with business growth or deterioration. Changes in the chemistry of the business, the evolution of the basic rules, the principle is still unchanged. All these things have the same effect on all ages. In the book about the economic policy of the city of Babylon 8000 years ago, George S. Clawson talks, for which he is widely acclaimed by readers and critics.

05. Rich Dad Poor Dad
Robert T. Kiyosaki

The author of the book is Robert Taru Kiyosaki, an American businessman, and author. He is the founder of Rich Dad Company. The company provides business knowledge and skills through book and video messaging. Rich Dad Poor Dad’s book is based on his personal business life. In the book, he discusses business topics including financial education, real estate business, financial independence, business management, financial intelligence and so on. The author presents business parables as parables based on his personal business life experience.

04. The Automatic Millionaire
David Bach

David Bach is an entrepreneur and writer. He is the founder of FinishRich.com. In the book, he points out what can happen if cash is misguided. The author himself was also an entrepreneur. Therefore, the book reflects more on his experience than theoretical analysis. One of the most important things in the book is to emphasize oneself. He recommends depositing some money every day. He has shown how the amount of money increases year after year by depositing some money every day. Unexpected enthusiasm in anyone who reads the book will stimulate excitement. Everyday advice on how to move towards prosperity in your personal life can be found in the book.

03. How Rich People Think
Steve Sibold

The book will play a very effective role in shaping the business mindset. The first way to get rich is to change your mind. What a rich man’s nourishment is. So, before starting a business, you need to change your perspective. There is a difference of perspective between an ordinary person and a rich person. Bringing the mind of a billionaire into his own view serves as the first step to business success.

02. Be obsessed or be average
Grant Cardon

To become a successful entrepreneur, it is essential to nurture some principles in one’s life. Focusing on specific issues, slowing down and getting excited about work. In addition, Cardone has provided several different suggestions in the book that goes beyond the traditional rules. In the book, he mentions a number of rules that change the life of a person and will play a role in creating a healthy business mind.

01. Making the Modern World
Vaclav Smil

The author of the book Vaclav Smile is a teacher of natural science. According to him, the use of furniture worldwide is increasing steadily and the possibility of later decreasing. One of Bill Gates’ favorite authors is Vaclav Small. Gates believes Vaclav played a significant role in changing his personal life. The author has made very sharp comments in the book. He says that the demand and consumption of us can also play a role in improving the quality of life of the world poor. His instructions can be followed in the book to further improve the economic condition of the world.


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