Best Blender Under $200 | Top Picks 2021


The best blender under 200 you looking for is a great decision. We’ve selected the best high-quality blender under $200 for you from the top brand such as Oster, Vitamix, Cleanblend, KitchenAid, SharkNinja, Blendtec, etc, and picked some top brands best blender under 200.

A kitchen blender is the most essential appliance. Blender makes food preparation more easy and efficient way of saving time. When you will buy the best your budget blender start using, you will be brought various uses of a blender. But buying the best blender under 200 from the market today is not a simple task. Make sure what type of blender you need, commercial or personal. You should know some primary characteristics that define a good blender that will meet your needs within your budget.



Nutri Ninja BL642 Blender

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Nutri Ninja BL642 Blender

Ninja has always been a trusted name in the world of kitchen appliances. This Nutri Ninja Duo’s Auto IQ system is like a double-edged sword that simplifies programming for specific containers. If you press the smoothie or extractor function for your family or for a single serving using the specific container then this will start working automatically, you don’t have to do anything else just serve the smoothie after the specified time. One thing to keep in mind is that the functions will only work when you use the appropriate container for that function, not the other way around. You can take Non-Auto IQ if you want to use all types of containers independently.

It is good to keep in mind that it has two models BL642 and BL642Z respectively. So what is the difference between these two models? Well, here BL642 is black and BL642Z is ​​stainless finish. When buying, be sure to look at this reference number so that you do not buy the wrong model.

Its unique features are,

# Auto IQ system that will make your blending easier, no need to guess the time to blend.

# Excel 72 oz container capacity that will instantly crush ice for a creamy frozen drink and 64 oz maximum liquid capacity for smoothies.

# Large container with 3 separate 18, 24, and 32-ounce cups and lids.

# Professional performance with 1200 watts or 2 horsepower.


Product Dimensions7.00 x 10.00 x 17.50 inches
Weight10.10 lbs
Power1200 watt
ControlAuto-IQ Base
Jug capacity72 ounce
Motor2 HP
Crush iceyes
Warranty1 year



  • 72-ounce container.
  • 18, 24, and 32-Ounce Cups with Spout Lids
  • Ways to serve single
  • Auto IQ system.


  • Sort warranty period
  • Reports of short lifespan

Every machine has its own lifetime. Someone reported that his blender was broken or the container leaked, the material was bad, and so on. We have to see what kind of complaint most of the users are making because a single bad condition can be for the user of that blender. The best blender we’ve listed for 200, it’s number one on the list, and we’re recommending it to you. Then if you want to see the Blenders listed below, let’s hope you find the one you like.

KitchenAid KSB1575CU Blender

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KitchenAid KSB1575CU Blender:

We did the Kitchen Aid KSB1570ER model in a review done in 2019 which you will find with the full description below. Best Blender Under 200 If 10 Blenders are listed, you must get a model of Kitchen Aid. You can understand what it will be like as a blender!

No other company can offer such a rich blender as Kitchen Aid, an impossibly beautiful blender of 24 different colors with Intelli-Speed ​​motor control sense content and maintains optimal speed to power all the ingredients in a blink of an eye. The 70 ounce Pitcher design is shatter-, scratch- and stain-resistant and is dishwasher safe and has been designed to be easy to clean. Its die-cast metal base is very hard, not made of plastic like other blenders. And the best part is that while other blenders are giving a year warranty, Kitchen Aid is giving a 5-year Limited warranty!


Product Dimensions9 x 8.5 x 16.5 inches
Weight10 pounds
ColorContour Silver
Power1200 watt
Control5 Speeds/Crush Ice/Pulse Mode
Jug capacity60 ounce
Warranty5 -Year Limited Warranty
Motor¾ HP



  • 22 color option
  • Steel-Reinforced Coupler
  • Soft Start Feature
  • Intelli-Speed Motor Control system
  • Reasonable price
  • great customer service


  • ¾ HP motor
  • Plastic  gear

With so many color options, you can choose the blender of your choice. A lot of times a lot of people don’t like a lot of colors or have a favorite color of their own and wish I could get it in this color! So here you are but getting the blender according to your favorite color and also quite good as a kitchen aid blender. You can buy this blender for 200, or you can see another blender selected in 2020. Below is his description.

Ninja BL610 Blender

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Ninja Professional BL610

Ninja professional model BL610 made by Sharkninja is the best blender under 200 and the best blender for frozen drinks. The ninja professional blender BL610 comes with a sleek design to attract your mind at first look. It’s a blender that got thousands of five-star reviews online because of outstanding performance.

The Sharkninja also create Ninja professional NJ600, BL456, BL660, BL740 model which are got huge reviews and love online. These models have almost the same configurations as BL60 and price under $200. Ninja always makes 100% reliable kitchen appliance among the others that make the ninja is a brand.

The ninja professional blender BL610 model has a very unique and powerful motor of 1000 watt that can create enough speeds that blend foods very smoothly. Its container is absolute for making juice, drinks, and smoothies for your whole family members.


Dimensions10.6 x 8.2 x 15.8 inches
Weight9.51 lbs
Material TypePlastic
Power1000 watt
ControlPulse and 3 programmed (Low. Medium and High) options.
BladeStainless-Steel: 6 blades
Jar capacity64 Ounce
Motor —HP
Crush iceyes
Warranty1 year


The professional bender has 72 oz maximum liquid capacity that perfect for making medium and large batches of smoothies, frozen drinks, creamy,

and much more for your whole family members. The container is also perfect for large batches of delicious margaritas and daiquiris.

Let see the blender’s pros and cons


  • The blender made with thick durable plastic.
  • Powerful motor 1000 watt.
  • Total crushing technology.
  • 6 stainless steel blades.
  • It doesn’t make any noise.
  • Sleek design.


  • The blender size is a little big than other blenders that don’t allow to store in most kitchen cabinets.
  • The blender is a little difficult to clean due to its sharp blades.

This model has 6 stainless steel blades and its total crushing technology allows you to crush ice, hard food and ingredients blend faster and smoothly. These sharp blades blast ice into snow in a moment and can blend your ingredients make delicious sauces, dips, and smoothies.

If your budget is $100 or even lower then $100, you can check out our article best Blender Under $100. I hope you will get the blender of your choice here too.

On the basis of the parameters above and the highest customer reviews, we picked some top brands 7 best blender under $200 2019. Let see these selected blender’s details….



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Oster BLSTVB-RV0 is the best blender under 200 in which the balance between price and performance.  Oster versa blstvb-rv0 model holds its own against so many blenders twice the price.

Oster is a well-known brand for innovation and power for more than 100 years. They create the Versa performance blender, RV0-000 model, by their best innovative idea and maintain quality standards. The brand builds the blender with 7 years manufacturer warranty which added protection and a peaceful mind and promises to the user a dependable performance.

The Oster Versa Performance blender is the best blender under your budget with high power and multiple functions. If you compare with other blenders, the Versa performance offers you more speed variations by its 1400 watt motor and blades spins at over 250 mph.


ModelOster BLSTVB-RV0-000
ManufacturerJarden Consumer Solutions
Product Dimensions12.1 x 16.8 x 11.6 inches
Weight11.8 lbs
Material Typeplastic
Motor1400 watt
Programmed3 Programmed settings. Plus Pulse: Smoothie, Soup, and Dips/Spreads
BladeStainless-Steel: 4 blades
Jug capacity64 ounce
Speed28,000 RPM
Crush iceyes
Warranty7 years

The blender comes with BPA free Tritan plastic jar, secure-fitting lid, easy to measurement, and non-slip soft handle. It will fit most of all cabinet for its low profile jar. A powerful motor delivers power to blend almost everything from soup to hard foods or crushing ice. It’s making it easy to prepare fresh foods that are a part of daily life. It has a superior versatility to use that defines its uniqueness among the blender in are the market today in comparison price.


  • Offer you mid-price under $200.
  • 7 years warranty.
  • Versatile use.
  • High capacity with low profile jar that will fit all cabinet easily.
  • Powerful motor 1400 watt.
  • The metal drive ensures its longevity.
  • The lid has an opening valve that allows you to add ingredients without opening the whole lid.


  • This is not very powerful like Vitamix blender that able to mix the dough.
  • It is made outside of the USA.
  • You have to careful to push temper ensured it is not hit the blades.

The Versa Performance blender likes all in one blender which capable of replacing other kitchen tools with its versatility and ease of use. No need separate ice chopper or food processor or smoothie maker or any kind of handheld mixer, the blender will take care of it all! Its ultra-durable design all-metal drive and connecting pieces are metal that makes it the duty and long-lasting blender. Four stainless steel 6 point blades can blend ingredients perfectly each time. You can quickly and securely place the jar on the base without any twisting or snapping or forcing. The heavy-duty base prevents slipping during blending.

The Oster Versa Performance blender will provide you two nice color cookbooks. These cookbooks recipes will inspire you such as baby foods, smoothies, sustaining soups, nutritious butter, sensible sips, etc.


Cleanblend Commercial 2001

cleanblend 2001

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clean blend 3hp 1800-watt commercial blender is an unbeatable blender within the comparable price tag. This is a commercial grade and smoothie best blender under 200 you can buy. It’s 3 horsepower motor can easily blend almost everything even your cell phone (don’t do this). The best cheap blender for smoothies can liquefy vegetables and fruits, nuts so you get maximum vitamins, minerals, proteins from your foods.

According to the Cleanblend official website, the blender has 8 stainless steel blades and bearings, 5 years warranty with 30 days money-back guarantee to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. That means you will equip with the best blender on your journey to a better life.


ModelCleanblend 2001
Product Dimensions18 x 15 x 13 inches
Weight12 lbs
Material Typeplastic
Power1800 watt
ControlPulse and variable speeds
BladeStainless-Steel: 8 blades
Jug capacity64 ounce
Motor3 HP
Crush iceyes
Warranty5 years

Cleanable and focuses on every single step to maximize customer satisfaction. The blender oversized BPA free jar and tamper plunge added better performance to blending anything you want. Commercial grade with the low price tag will meet your desired by its high performance.


•   A commercial-grade blender with a low price tag under $200.

•   it will be an alternative to Vitamix blender.

•   The blender has 8 stainless steel blades and a sealed ball bearing.

•   Container with stainless steel drivetrain.

•   It’s an all in one appliance which can replace 9 other kitchen tools.

•   Oversize container.

•   Powerful motor 1800 watt and 3 HP.

•  5 years warranty.


•  After a long time using the blender container’s bottom can be rusty and leaking brown stuff.

•  Maybe they will not be offering only a Container with Blade.

The Cleanblend commercial-grade blender you can use in the home or in business easily. All blenders have some cons but you shouldn’t look at this because all things become dumb after its life period.


KitchenAid KSB1570ER

KitchenAid KSB1570ER

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KitchenAid KSB1570ER 5 speed classic made by KitchenAid is the best inexpensive model we’ve found. If you infrequently use a blender but want a blender for the occasional sauce or smoothie then the model will be the best. It can raise nice smoothies.

KitchenAid is a well-known name for making various kitchen appliances. They will celebrate a century of innovation and inspiration in the kitchen in 2019. The blender model is a great creation of fewer than 150 dollars.


Dimensions8.5 x 9 x 16.3 inches
Weight10 lbs
ColorEmpire Red
Material TypeBase: Zinc, container: plastic
Power550 watt
ControlPulse and 5-Speed Motor Control
BladeStainless-Steel: 4 blades
Jar capacity56 ounce
Motor —HP
Crush iceyes
Warranty1 year

Although it’s motor isn’t more powerful but can easily produce much thicker and more rustic textures from foods as other blenders do. But it is a good all-purpose blender which small enough to fit on your countertop or under the most kitchen cabinets.

It’s built-in Intelli- motor speed control system through power all ingredients maintaining an optimal speed. Robust 550-watt motor and 4 stainless steel blades and 5 electronics speed control mode combine to create a very powerful motion that is so fast and thorough for exceptional blending results.


  • Intelli-Speed Motor Control system.
  • 5-speed options with pulse and ice crush.
  • Steel-Reinforced Coupler provides direct and efficient power from the motor to the blades.
  • The blender has soft start features.
  • It has a clean-touch control panel with blue LED lights.
  • It bases made with die-cast metal.


  • The blender doesn’t have a screw off the bottom, it is all one piece.
  • the blenders have no variable speed settings.

5 speeds options and pulse mode options can chop, mix, and liquefy foods and vegetable s make smoothies. Crushing ice the pulse button creates a precise interval to get a better blending result. The soft star features start the motor at the slower speed to draw food into the blades and quickly increase motor speeds to the selected speed option.

the heavy-duty base makes the blender sturdy and the steel-reinforced coupler sending direct power to the blades for optimal blending. It 56-ounce container can easily hold a particular amount of food. don’t put imposed furthermore food in the container which will heat up the motor. The blender’s jar is scratch and stain-resistant and obviously dishwasher safe. You will get a two-ounce ingredient cup with it. Another fantastic feature is it has a touch control panel with blue LED light indicate options.


Aimores Commercial AS-UP998

aimores blender AS-UP998

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This Aimores multipurpose commercial grade is another best blender under $200 2018 we picked. This nutrition blender has been specially designed for the user to get the maximum level of proteins, vitamins from foods to live healthily. The user can make their favorite foods by touching a single button that is pre-programmed by the Aimores for specific food or recipe.

Aimores is the brand name for making digital appliances. The commercial-grade blender model shows its innovative idea and creation. They produce this blender to maintain quality standards and protection to provide the users with reliable performance.

This blender comes with a unique powerful 1.5 horsepower and 1100 watt motor runs at 28,000 rpm which will crush nut butter or any hard foods in a moment. It is ideal for making smoothies, soya milk or piping hot soups, and many more which you want. The 6 stainless steel blades and its enormous rotating speeds can blend in a minute. If you put ingredients for a few minutes into the blender, it will heat up by the friction of the blades.


Dimensions9.1 x 9 x 20.2 inches
Weight14 lbs
ColorLight Silver, Light Black, Light Red
Material Typeplastic
Power1100 watt
Control6 speeds programmed Setting
BladeStainless-Steel: 6 blades
Jar capacity75 oz or 2.2 Liter
Motor 1.5HP and 28.000 RPM
Crush iceyes
Warranty1 year

The Amore AS-UP998 model has outstanding features. It has pre-programmed buttons for juices, smoothie, ice cream to help the users who don’t know the specific blending technique of this item. Almost it has 6 different pre-programmed settings for different types of drinks and foods. The featured LED display show time and the blue backlight indicates the buttons to view and option selection easily.

Other features are a stir bar and skid-proof non-sloppy handle design that it will not slip from your hand. The food-grade stir bar is so hard and heat resistant helps you to crush ice, thick mixture, and frozen fruits. So you can get a perfect consistency.


  • Total 6 pre-programmed smart settings technology.
  • 6 Stainless Steel Blades include (2 horn, 2 prolong, and 2 serrated sharp blades with downward end).
  • It comes with a stir bar and skid-proof handle design.
  • It comes with total crushing technology.
  • Feature LED display with a blue backlight system.
  • 100% ETL & FDA Certified.


  • Difficult to wash containers due to their hold blades.
  • The tamper is not attached to its bottom part so it can fell into the blender.
  • After a long time of use, it may create noise.

This awesome blender big container is the ideal solution for blending medium or large batches for your family. The free cup allows you to measure the exact amount variety of grains so that you can perfectly grind such as coffee bean, soybean, pepper particles, and many more.

The geometrical design 6 Stainless Steel Blades include (2 horn, 2 prolong, and 2 serrated sharp blades with downward end) can easily blend the toughest ingredients in a moment. You will get a better quality result by these sharp blades and it will last longer.

The blender provides you 100% safety when blending.  It has a safety switch at the square base that ensures the pitcher is connected properly and the metal gear couple instead of rubber or plastic for the motor and blades. Also, overload protection and cooling fan features make blending more safety.

This blender completely comes with some nice features with a sound-reducing cushioned lid, a tamper, spanner, manual instructions help you to operate the blender, and a nice recipe book cooks a verity of foods. These features make the blender completely unbeatable and the best blender under $200 in 2018 which is comparable to Blendtec, Vitamix, etc.


Hamilton Beach Professional

Hamilton Beach professional

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Hamilton beach professional blender by Hamilton Beach is a commercial-grade blender. The professional blender is a line of countertop kitchen appliances designed by professional-level equipment to deliver the user exceptional performance. Its super durability is perfect for the serious home cook.

Hamilton Beach inspired by their 100 years of experience in designing appliances used in the commercial level of kitchens. The professional blender’s features such as precise speed control, handy pre-programmed settings, and 1500 watt powerful motor will make your time easier and more enjoyable in the kitchen.


ManufacturerHamilton Beach
Dimensions7.7 x 17.2 x 11.4 inches
Weight10.55 lbs
Material TypePlastic
Power1500 watt
ControlPulse and 4 programmed (Clean, Puree, Crush, Smoothie) and variable speed
BladeStainless-Steel: 4 blades
Jar capacity32 oz
Motor 2 HP
Crush iceyes
Warranty5 years

The professional blender pre-programmed options will eliminate your guesswork and provide one-touch convenience. Four pre-programmed ice crush, puree, and smoothie options offer you to just add proper ingredients and select the specific options and start. The blender will automatically stop while the food is ready. The clean option is for a quick wash of the blender.


  • Equipped with 1500 watt powerful motor crushes ice and ingredients in seconds.
  • Fully commercial-grade blender.
  • It has a removable quit shield that reduces noise during blending.
  • Hardened 4 stainless steel blades that spin over 105 mph to grind tough ingredients.
  • The variable speed options provide an effortless blending experience.
  • One-touch auto clean option and dishwasher safe make it cleaning very easily.


  • The jar Sutter reduces noise but not completely that some user mentions.
  • Sometimes difficult to get replacement parts due to stocks out.

The Hamilton Beach professional-grade blender delivers the ultimate equality performance like restaurant quality result. 1500 watt and 2 horsepower motor and hardened 4 stainless steel blades that rotate over 105 mph will crush ice or any hard foods or ingredients in a moment.

It has quite blending features than other blenders by its quit shield that reduces the amount of noise. When the shield placed on the jar it reduces sound and you can keep your conversations regardless. The quit shield you also use to carrying ice or foods from the freezer to the blender.


NutriBullet NBR-1201

nutribullet NBR1201

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Eating extracted foods is good for any state health. Extracted foods are virtually predigested that help top performing athlete to someone who suffers from fibromyalgia. The body can effortlessly absorb and utilize nutrition that the food has provided.

The NutriBullet NBR-1201 model is simply the best product to make healthy, nutritious drinks. This can help you to prevent various types of diseases, lose weight, and promote a healthy life. It is not like a juicer or blender. It extracts vitamins and minerals break down the cell walls of fibrous plant foods.


ManufacturerHomeland Housewares
Dimensions12.9 x 9 x 13 inches
Weight7.65 lbs
Material TypePolycarbonate
Power600 watt
Control1  speed
BladeStainless-Steel: 2 blades
Jar capacity3 cups
Motor —HP
Crush iceNo
Warranty1 year

The NBR-1201 model is a high-speed mixer that can effortlessly pulverize fruits and vegetables. It is easy to use portable and safe for kids. This blender’s power and blades design rotating action combine to extract all of the nutrition from foods that helping you to achieve the healthiest lifestyle.


  • It has high torque power and a 600-watt motor.
  • Patented stainless steel blades design creates a cyclonic action.
  • Hassle-free cleanup and dishwasher are safe.
  • 1-year warranty and 1 User Manual & Cookbook.


  • Some user is complaining about a certain issue but it is not a big problem.

If you have a small family then NutriBullet will be perfect for making juice, smoothie. Just add foods, vegetables, and boosts into the NutriBullet along with a specific amount of water and make the smooth and tasty juice.


Jamba Appliance

Jamba appliance 58910

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Illuminate up your day and blend by the Jamba professional blender in the good at home. Blend fresh juices, smoothies, hot soups, sauces, and many more by Jamba. Jamba is a leading healthy, and lifestyle brand company and best retailer of freshly squeezed juice. It creates the root of producing juicing products and Jamba professional blenders.

Jamba is promising to deliver versatility use of a blender like all in one blender to the users. You can add fruits, vegetables, nuts to your diet make breakfast smoothies, afternoon green juice, and also creamy hot soups for dinner. Combine Powerful blending capabilities and versatile use in the kitchen makes it unique. This blender comes with a pulse option and 4 pre-programmed settings soups, ice crush, smoothie, and whole juice and variable speed selections options using the blender more convenient.


ModelJamba 58910
ManufacturerJamba Appliances
Dimensions8.7 x 17.3 x 7.6 inches
Weight10.74 lbs
Material TypePlastic
Power1,800 watt
ControlPulse, 4 pre-programmed, and variable speeds.
BladeStainless-Steel: 4 blades
Jar capacity64 oz
Motor2.4 HP
Crush iceyes
Warranty8 years!

Its extra-large container blends enough foods that you serve your whole family members. A shatterproof lid reduces the maximum level of noise when blending. All-metal drive and hardened stainless steel 4 blades easily power through nuts, frozen fruits, seed, or ice, and make it’s perfectly smooth. The 4 pre-programmed options help you to create the exact recipe selected. After completing the task the blender will automatically stop and offer you convenient use.


•  This low profile blender can fits easily under standard kitchen cabinets.

•  Pulse, 4 pre-programmed, and variable speed controls.

•  It included an emulsion cup that allows you to slowly add liquids to dressings and marinades.

• Tamper that you can use for preparing spreads and frozen desserts.

•  You will get a free full-color recipe book with over 150 recipes included.

•  It has 8 years product warranty.


•  Sometimes it’s difficult to get the spare parts of the blender.

Jamba blender 2.4 peak horsepower 1800 watt power motor and variable speed dial allows you to blend, crush, grind, chop, etc. pre-programmed settings provide you automatic blending features and make it the best blender under $200.the low profile blender can easily fit most kitchen cabinets. It offers you to clean easily just fill the container half of water and add dish soap and now blend for 30 seconds.

Blender Buying Guide: 

Types of Blenders

There’s a lot of variety of best blender 200 available to buy. Some of the blender with its common functions while others blender best for frozen drinks, can process hard foods and cook soup. The most beloved of all is the jar blender. It features, capacity, price, functions, blade design are very dependable. Nowadays multifunction blenders such as Cleanblend blender, Vitamix blender, ninja blender, Oster Versa,  Oster Versa pro are very popular for versatility which best blender for juicing fruits and vegetables.

Immersion blenders have some basic features. Generally, it has to puree and mixing and blending features if not attached to a chopper or special blade design. Electric cordless hand blenders take another level of advantages to the kitchen appliance.  The best personal smoothie blender 2018 has various functions and versatility.

What Blender Functions Are You Looking For?

Things you should know before buying or choosing the best blender under 200 in 2018 think what you want to mainly make. Sometimes it could be out of your budget. If you want to make frozen drinks or green smoothies, choose the best smoothie maker which has at least power 500 watts with an ice-crushing blade. Usually, ice crushing blades are available in the full-size blender or in personal low power blenders. If you want to chop or grinding, you should choose a blender that has chopping blades and chopping/grinding functions. Usually, a standard blender is enough for blending, pureeing, stirring, or mixing tasks like creaming soups or making baby foods.

• Blender Jug or Jar Features:

Jar or jug model, which is best. Well, choosing the best one blender within your budget under $200 that meets your needs. Generally, blender with jar comes with glass or plastic. Glass jar is unusually is the higher-end model and costly. If you want to stay with your budget, you should choose a plastic jar. Most blenders are in the market are the plastic jar. You shouldn’t worry about it because it’s totally BPA free and durable which ensures that it will not break even drop on the floor.

Consider another thing that blender with a prominent curve spout design. Some of the blenders have no spout and flow is the corner of the jar. Without spout, it is difficult to pour.

• Immersion or Hand Blenders Features.

Immersion is usually like a handheld device with a small blade and different from a jar blender. The immersion blender offers portability and compact and easily store in the drawer. The blender comes with the electric or cordless power they are perfect for creaming soups, straightforward mixing like mixing drinks, vegetables, mixing eggs, and all you get the best blender for less than $200. A few immersion blenders come with extended features like ice crushing, chopping accessories.

• Multi-function Blenders Features.

Vitamix blender, Blendtec blender, Ninja, and some other top blender brands offer more usability than other standard blenders in the market today. This multifunction blender has a variety of functions in spite of its high price than standard blenders. These are commercial grade blender can cook soup, process foods, make juice, blend vegetable or crushing ice by their powerful motor and blades. The multifunction commercial blender can replace several kitchen tools and sometimes it has chopping or processing accessories but you don’t need another base unit, you can same base unit.

• Cool Blender Features:

Some of the best blenders of 2018 have nice features such as the Oster fusion blender.  It has a pre-programmed function for frozen/ice drinks. The blender automatically adjusts blade speed as needed when the flow of foods drawn into blades ensure much better blending foods. A few models of the blender such as Hamilton

Beach has two wave action features. By these features when foods drawn under the blades the blenders rotate reverse thus can foods come out and blend smoothly. Blenders are always come with new features but it comes with a new price that can overcome your budget.

• Compare Prices:

The multiple functions, features, and speed like jar blender are the higher cost-effective. Think the best blender under $200 which features you will get and compare with your need. You can first choose features or select prices then chose features. Consider which type of features are important and the advantages of certain accessories that may save your money from buying other kitchen tools later.

What should you focus on to buy a good blender?

whats a good blender to buy! After deep consideration of blender functions, you should focus on the options of a particular blender that you selected. Selecting and compare with your budget will help you to buy the best blender under 200.  Let’s see the options;

  • Capacity: you should check the capacity of the blender. If you have a small family then you need a small one. Buying a large one is a waste of money.
  • Blades: always buy a brand company blender that ensures the blades are sharp, chip-proof and it will long-lasting. Wider blade selection can be replacing the other kitchen tools that are a very good thing.
  • Power: consider how much power needed to operate the blender. Sometimes one blender can be using more than one tool, it is better to operate one rather than multiple kitchen tools.
  • Warranties: Warranties are allowing you to repair or replace your blender if it has any problem. Purchasing a blender from reputed companies will ensure your rights are protected.
  • Dishwasher safe: check the blender are dishwasher safe or not. It is an important point to view.
  • Controls: Most of the blenders are multiple controlling systems. It depends on the brand and model you choose. More control option offers you more versatility of use.
  • Body/materials used: usually, the blender’s body made with steel and plastics. Steel bodies are extremely hit safe which will not melt when put in a hot pan or boiling soup. The plastic body is not hit safe but it is very popular on the market.
  • Attachments/accessories: A few brands give you only blenders where another brand will provide you accessories with blender within the same price. It will be like a chopper, whisker, and more.


All the above we describe the 8 top brands 8 best blender under 200 is based on maximum customer positive review on Amazon. These reviews and recommendations are based on our personal experience, data, and research. For the review on any best blenders under 200 dollars that not listed on our website, feel free to message us and we will do our best to help you make the right choice.



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