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A headlamp or head torch is a light source attached to the head. The headlamp is strapped to the helmet or head with an elasticized strap. The headlamp is for outdoor activities at night or in dark environment like as camping, mountaineering, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, backpacking, caving or orienteering and may also be used in adventure races. The headlamps are mostly used by mining workers in underground mining and rescue or search mission. The headlamp is for people who need a hands-free lighting.
The headlamps are generally powered by 3 or 4 AA or AAA batteries. The headlamps with 4xAA or more heavy batteries are generally designed so that the light is positioned front of the head and the battery compartment at the rear of the head or helmet; both are strapped with an elasticized strap. Sometimes its possible to completely separate the battery pack from the head and you can store on a belt or in a pocket easily. Lighter headlamps are strapped to the workers head with a single band and the heavier headlamps strapped with an extra band over the top of the workers head. White LEDs are usually used in headlamps because of their lower power consumption, small size and its durability compared with incandescent bulbs. The headlamps LEDs power is rated 1 watt or more that displaced incandescent bulbs in many models. To reduce the damage of headlamps electronic part, a heat sink is generally required that use that aviates more than 1 watt. To regulate power fed to the LEDs, a DC-DC converter is mostly used in 1W + lights and sometimes its controlled by a microprocessor. This system controls the LEDs to provide maximum brightness and that is not influenced by battery voltage drop and allows dependable levels of output.


Brightest and Best LED Headlamp American Design 6000 Lumen flashlight-IMPROVED CREE LED Rechargeable 18650 headlight flashlights Waterproof Hard Hat Light Bright Head Lights Camping Running headlamps

The DanForce headlamp is the best headlamp ever made. This light is ultra bright with 6000 lumens. The headlamps feature 3 CREE LED that is brighter and longer than you ever thought possible.

All weather ready
The headlamp is built for all work in any weather condition. From extreme heat to cold it will be active. Its airtight rubber sealing protects the LED and battery from ice, water, and dust.

American design, engineer tested
The DanForce headlamp is a CREE, long lasting and durable which makes it in a class of its own. This headlamp is designed in the USA that meets the highest engineering standards. The headlamp has 4 light modes and up to 90 degrees adjustable head. You can easily adjust the LED head to change your focus from wide to a narrow illumination.

Customizable comfort
The headlamp is designed for maximum comfort. It has also temperature control system, which controls the lamp heat. The sweat-resistant headband with adjustable sizing makes it comfortable and easy to wear it.

Satisfaction guaranteed
The headlamp with 2 rechargeable batteries, USB cable, charger, user guide, and 2 sets free colored lenses include 3 red and 3 green lenses. The DanForce give you unbeatable 7 years warranty and the satisfaction guarantee.


LE Headlamp LED, 4 Modes Headlight, Battery Powered Helmet Light for Camping, Running, Hiking and Reading, 3 AAA Batteries Included

Sufficient Brightness
The LE headlamps beam distance is up to 20+ feet and lighting area is wide enough for reading, running, or working at dark night.

 Lighting Modes
The headlamps have 4 different lighting modes with 18 white LED and 2 red LED  include red flash mode.

Wireless Light, Reading Anywhere
The headlamp wireless light allows you to read anywhere you wish, so no longer you need to read by a desk lamp.

Elastic and Durable Headband
Two loop buckles allow you to adjust both head round band and top band. The soft elastic band allows you to wear it on your head, any kind of hats, construction hard hat, cycling helmets, motorcycle helmet or baseball cap.

Perfect for Children as Well as the Aged
The two adjustable buckles allow the maximum amplitude of the band is up to 21.6 inches or 55 cm and minimum 13.7 inches or 35 cm without stretching. Its weight is only 113 gm or 4 oz.

Beam Adjustable and Steady
The lamp is 90 degrees adjustable and You can easily rotate the head from 0 to 90 degrees. The lamp will stay steady after positioning.

The headlamp is protected from splashing water from all angles.

The headlamp is very useful for reading anywhere, unloading the car, working on the car, walking the dog, unplug some cord in a dark area, nighttime running, bicycling, hiking, camping, fishing and more.


Ultra Bright CREE LED Headlamp – 160 Lumens, 5 Lighting Modes, White & Red LEDs, Adjustable Strap, IPX6 Water Resistant. Great For Running, Camping, Hiking & More. Batteries Included

Sufficient Brightness
The headlamp use extremely bright white CREE LED that provides up to 160 lumens, 262 feet coverage and stays cool to the touch

Lighting Modes
The headlamps have dual button control system that controls each light for better and quicker control. It has additional SOS feature mode use for a signal for help. Also has 2 red LEDs that allow you maintain your night vision.

Elastic and Durable Headband
It has super comfortable and the adjustable elastic strap fits both kids and adults.

The headlamps light lasts for days without change batteries.

The headlamp is IPX6, which indicate the light is water resistant. It is very useful for sports and outdoors activities.

Beam Adjustable and Steady
The adjustable angle of the light is up to 45 degrees and its very lightweight. The weight of the light is only 2.6 oz with batteries.

Satisfaction guaranteed
The headlamp is made with high-quality materials and it is CE and Rohs certified. The light manufacturer offer you 30 days refund and 1-year warranty

You Can Rely On the CREE LED headlamp and it is very useful for reading anywhere, unloading the car, working on the car, walking the dog, unplug some cord in a dark area, nighttime running, bicycling, hiking, camping, fishing and more.


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