Best Non-contact Voltage Tester 2018


The best non-contact voltage tester 2018 can change your working mind by its new features. it is the best ever made non-contact voltage tester in 2018.

Non-contact voltage tester is the secure way to check the electrical power without touching any wires. The non-contact voltage tester comes in handy. the tester will light up when it comes to close to a live electrical wire, even one that’s covered in plastic insulation. The non-contact voltage tester can not test voltage through a metal conduit or metal sheathing.
Before using the tester just simply check the batteries an easy way by putting the tester tip into a live electrical socket. You will see that a series of indicator or LED’s are flashes to confirm the tester has detected voltage.

The necessity of Non-Contact Voltage Tester
A non-contact voltage tester is a life-saving device for an electrician or a person. Whatever you are, making a simple electrical repair in your house. It’s a device that sometimes separates you from life from death. The tester can detect voltage without touching the wire and show an indication that a wire or an object is carrying electrical current.

How does Non-Contact Voltage Tester Work?
The non-contact voltage tester work on a simple physical phenomenon. You already studied back in school that “A CURRENT CARRYING CONDUCTOR CREATES A MAGNETIC FIELD AROUND IT” There is a sensor inside the tester that interacts with the present magnetic field around the live wire and provides an indication whether or not voltage is present or not. The tester sensor indicates voltage even the conductor is under several layers of insulation.

Do you Need the tester in Your House?
Doesn’t matter you have an interest in electrical work or not but this type of tools may always you should have. These handy tools help you to replace a faulty electronics or replacing damage switches. If you are in a new home, it can help you to map your circuit box if it is not labeled. The tester cost is only a few bucks but it has a long warranty and workability. Every house must have this handy magical tool.

 The Possible Applications of the voltage tester:
There are a lot of places where you can find the use of the non-contact voltage testers. Some of the most common use is given below.

⇒Testing switches and receptacle:
The non-contact voltage tester is very useful. If you want to check the wall socket or switch, just put into the testers tip in the socket and you will know the voltage is available or not.

⇒Replacing Switches:
The tester will help you to confirm that you have turned off the right circuit breaker if your circuit breaker box is not mapped correctly. So it will help you to avoid an electrical accident.

⇒Fixing open end wires:
Let suppose that you came across an open end wire in your house. Before you start to fix that cable, the tester will get confirmation that whether the electrical power is flowing through the cable or not.

⇒Troubleshooting power strip:
Sometimes in home power strips or outlet are not working correctly and you have to check the strips or outlets. Before you start to check outlets you can check the strips or outlets are receiving electrical power in the first level or not.

⇒Patching broken wire:
Sometimes wires are comes twisted together to minimize interference with devices. So if the power cable breaks internally, it is so difficult to locate fault by conventional detectors but non-contact voltage detector can easily detect fault just by running the tester over the cable.

There are many other uses of Non-Contact Voltage Tester. Which we will be discussing at some other point in time.

Features of a Best Non-Contact Voltage Tester (Buying Guide)
If you decided to buy a non-contact voltage tester for your electrical work, there are particular standard features of the non-contact voltage tester which you should read before selecting a model. This feature will help you to know the best non-contact voltage tester. There are some notable features are pointed below.

The non-contact voltage tester 2018 is made compact and slim which can easily fit in your pocket and you can carry it anywhere. The design of the tester ensures high portability and easier operation. Generally, most the tester is made from high-grade thick plastic that makes it strong enough. The tester has an attached tight tip so that you can clip it in your pocket and not worry to lose.

A most important object of any device is its functionality. How easily and accurately it works. Almost all non-contact voltage tester get started over pressing the power button. Now press the tester tip against the surface and check the presence of electrical current or voltage.

⇒Indication system:
Most of the non-contact voltage tester comes with LED indicators which give a warning by lighting the LED’s that the available voltage in the cable. A few types of the tester come with an additional buzzer which keeps beeping to give a signal of available voltage or current in the cable. A voltage tester with two or more indication system is better than one indication system in case of one indication system may get damaged anytime.

⇒Range or compatibility:
Generally, the non-contact voltage tester is designed to work with AC current. The tester can easily detect voltage in the range of 90 volts to 1000 volt. It is enough for household and also professional use.

⇒Battery and life cycle:
All the non-contact voltage tester are work on battery. Some of them are operated by the small watch battery and some AAA battery. So you are free to choose according to your demand.

A non-contact voltage tester price may vary depending on its design, functionality, range, indication system, battery and life cycle. It can be started from a few bucks to hundreds buck. $30 is an ideal budget and you can get a durable device, but you can spend according to your demand.

There are other individual features of non-contact voltage tester which we will have a look as we see specific products.


 Klein Tools NCVT-3

Klein Tools NCVT-3 is the best ever made Non-Contact Voltage Tester among the tester in the market today. The Klein company is well known for making and deliver the best quality product with innovative features.

When you are looking for a non-contact voltage tester with standard features as the above we said, the Klein tools NCVT-3 is the best example. The Klein tools NCVT-3 will be your ideal choice.

The Klein tools NCVT-3 has dual voltage indicators and has an improved voltage profile. It can detect 12 volts to 1000 volt and it’s a perfect tool for electric work of your home or profession.

The Klein tools NCVT-3 comes with a LED indicator which indicate the power is available or not and another 5 LED which light up in proportion to the voltage sensed or closeness to the voltage source or cable. The 5 LED’s show low to the high voltage source. It also has an alarming system which beeping when voltage will detect.

The tester unique features a strong built-in flashlight in front of it which comes in handy. If power cuts off suddenly when working, this flashlight can be used and gives you an extra advantage in the dark.

The tester is operated by 2 AAA batteries define its longevity. The tools are dust and waterproof.


 Klein Tools NCVT-2

Surprised to see another non-contact voltage tester from Klein tools NCVT2 is ranked product on the list.

You already know that the Klein tools made a high-quality product for professionals all over the world. Klein continuously develops the high-quality standard product with a better price and gained trust of professional electricians all over the world by made trustworthy and durable electrical product.

The Klein tools NCVT-2 non-contact voltage tester is made from polycarbonate plastic resin which makes it lightweight and durable and strong enough to save from a fall height of six feet.

The tester mechanism is similar to the Klein tools NCVT-3 model. It can detect up to 1000 volt and also has a strong clip which stays securely in your pocket. The Klein tools NCVT-2 KIT has an extra tool is OUTLET checker which is great additional features of this tester. It indicates accurately your outlet ground, wiring system, etc options are top of the outlet checker device. The tester has required no batteries.


Fluke 1AC-A1-II Volt Alert 

Fluke is the premier supplier of electrical gadget all over the world. The company is well known for its high-quality electric equipment and no need to provide a new introduction of Fluke if you are a professional electrician.

The Fluke non-contact voltage tester is the combination of fluke’s mastermind skills and technology. The tester is made from thick plastic which makes it durable and it’s traditional yellow and gray color combinations identify its own brand.

The tester compact and slim design which makes it unique from the other gadgets. The tester has a green star button, you can activate the tester simply press the button. The tester has a dual indication system an LED and a small beep.

If the voltage is available the tip is glowing red and the buzzer makes a beeping sound. The tester is compatible with a large voltage range. It voltage detect range is 90 volts to 1000 volt AC. The tester is operated by 1 AA battery and Fluke gives you two years warranty.


Milwaukee 2202

Milwaukee is the popular electric equipment manufacturer. This company is popular for the high-quality electric equipment innovative feature. Milwaukee develops a non-contact voltage tester named Milwaukee 2202-20  and it’s a very popular choice of expert electricians that’s the reason the product is ranked high.

The tester with good looking Milwaukee white signature and combination of red and black color scheme.a The tester is made from ABS plastic which makes it durable.  The device has a red LED tip and a small beep which glows when the tip is close or touching the source and beeping.

The tester is compact and slim designed that easily fit in the pocket and also has a strong plastic clip so you don’t lose it. The voltage detectable range is 50 volts to 1000 volt and it requires two AAA batteries.





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