Best Pruning Shears You Should Buy


Pruning shears are one type of scissors use on planets to prune trees branches and shrubs. In America, it’s called hand pruners or secateurs. The pruning shears blade is strong enough to prune hard branches of plants and shrubs. The pruning shears are usually used in gardening, arboriculture, farming, flower arranging and nature conservation.

Important Considerations When Buying pruning Shears

Before buying a pruning shear you should consider some aspect. These aspects help you to choose a good pruning shear according to your demands. At the time you should read the criteria of a pruning shear then you can easily select the best pruning shears among the various type and sizes pruning shears. The aspects are elaborated below.

Blade Designs

Pruning shears have three different blade designs. These are Anvil, Bypass and parrot-beak blade style. All types of user in pruning shears for various uses.

  • Anvil pruners

Anvil pruners have just one blade, that closes onto a flat surface; not like bypass blades it is sharpened from each side and remains reliable once slightly blunt. Anvil pruners are helpful for cutting thick branches; one will bite into the stem from one direction, swing the handle around and bite more through the narrowed wood from another direction. The anvil is formed of a fabric softer than the blade, in order that the blade isn’t broken once it meets the anvil. Appropriate materials for the anvil ar plastic, aluminum, zinc, brass, or bronze alloys. The blades are made of hardened carbon or metal steels. The hardness of the blades is usually between fifty-four and fifty-eight HRC. On AN anvil pruner, correct cutting is assured through the blade swerves slightly to the left or right throughout cutting. As long because the blade meets the anvil at the tip of the cut and fits tightly against it, the fabric is separated. For this reason, the blades of anvil pruners are ground thinner than those on bypass pruners. The principle is that – a drawing cut created against a set support – combines a drawing cut with a pushing cut. this is often doable as a result of the blade lever and base lever are connected by an eccentric bearing. once the pruners are open, the blade is longer than the anvil because of the eccentric bearing. once the pruners shut, the blade attracts back slightly whereas it pushes through the fabric. This reduces the cutting force required to create a cut still more.

  • Bypass pruners

Bypass pruners typically work precisely sort of a pair of scissors, with 2 blades “passing by” one another to create the cut. a minimum of one amongst the blades is going to be curved: a convex higher blade with either a cuplike or straight lower one. Some bypass styles have only 1 blade, the jaw being broad however passing the upper jawbone. The ratchet pruner, which may handle stems thicker than 2 centimeters, fits during this class.

  • Parrot-beak pruners

Parrot-beak pruners contain 2 acetabular passing blades, that entice the stem between them to form the cut. These are appropriate just for narrower stems.


Type of blades

Pruning shears come with three different types of blades; Stainless steel blade, carbon steel blade and titanium coating blade.

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel has corrosion resistance feature for its chromium oxide layer which covers the blade surface after heat treatment. But steel blade is not enough durable for long time use.

  • Carbon steel

The carbon blade contains maximum carbon material which gives more malleability and durability but the disadvantages are quick corrosion and staining.

  • Titanium coated blades

Titanium coated blades have the highest corrosion resistance capability with half of the density of steel blades and a balance among durability, sharpness, and anti-corrosion. The coating gives strength to the blade and protects from corrosion and few times sharpened it bring out the steel edge which gives you best cutting edge and maximum strength.

Cutting Mechanism

The pruning shears come with mainly two different cutting mechanisms; spring back mechanism or ratcheted mechanism.

  • Spring back pruning shears      

Spring back mechanism system pruning shears are those which have a spring between the handles and the jaws are open by the spring.

The spring mechanism is commonly used for pruning snips and bypass pruning shears.

  • Ratcheted pruning shears

The ratcheted mechanism is usually used with the anvil pruning shears. The ratcheted mechanism positioned on the pivot point which gives extra pressure to cut through denser branches.

Grip Coatings

Pruning shears come with a various type of grip coating. It is so much important to chose right shears. Shears grip help you to easily hold shears and give you extra comfortable while cutting branches or shrubs.

  • Soft grips

The soft grips will provide you a reasonable soft surface under the pressure of your hand. Soft grips give you much more comfortable while doing extended trimming than a hard surface and the grips slight texturing prevent sliding out from your hand

  • PVC/Rubberized grips

The metal handles of pruning shears are usually made by straightly souse into liquid PVC plastic or rubber. PVC or rubber coating shears are reasonably comfortable but if the hand gets sweaty the shears handle surface become slick. It will be better wearing gloves to prevent from slipperiness.

  • Rigid grips

Rigid grips handle coated with hard plastic, resin, or PVC plastic. It is extremely durable but it can be uncomfortable with extended use.

Ergonomic shape

Pruning shears handles can be a different shape. Some of the shears handle is angle outward which create a V shape angle rear of the handle when it closed. Some of have no angle and create a straight line when the shears are close and make a slim profile.

The ergonomic style handle is available in both bypass pruning shears and anvil pruning shears. The bottom handle has the notch for adjusting with fingers.

Safety Locks

Most of the pruning shears have a safety lock mechanism which keeps the jaws closed during the shears is not in use. This mechanism is so much important for the all spring back pruning shears. The safety lock system will prevent you from potential injuries. A safety lock can hold up multiple openings and closing position without breaking. If the shears have no safety lock mechanism, you can use a sheath that will keep your shears safe when it is not in use.

Here we have selected five best pruning shears among a lot of shears from Amazon. we read the features and customer feedback and finally, we’ve described the top five pruning shears.


TGY Professional SK-5 Steel Pruning Shears Anvil Hand Pruners Garden Clippers

The stunning anvil pruning shears made by TGY is the best choice of the customer. The anvil pruning shears have SK-5 steel blade which makes it durable and strong than an ordinary blade for use in other shears. The steel blade is corrosion resistance and not will blunt after few cuts so you don’t need to worry about blades sharpness.

The ergonomically handles are designed to will fit with hands. The upper handle curve shape and the lower hand finger notch and rubber grip provide you to comfort while you cutting tree branches. These handle design also help you to hold a long time when working and will not slip from your hand even your hand is sweaty.

The spring back mechanism system will automatically open the blade and it will save your energy and help you to cut easily.

The pruning shears have a safety lock mechanism which keeps the jaws closed during the shears is not in use. This mechanism is so much important for the all spring back pruning shears. The safety lock system will prevent you from potential injuries. A safety lock can hold up multiple openings and closing position and you can lock it by a single hand.


  Garden Pruners Hand Clippers Bypass SK-5 High Carbon Steel Blade

The gorgeous looking pruning shears red color coated and black color grips make it eye-catching. The pruning shears are the best one ever made among the shears are market today. People love it by its design and features. The stunning looking pruning shears not only to see nice but it also a great tool which has maximum 100% positive customer ratings. These bypass pruning shears have SK-5 carbon steel blade which makes it ultra strong and durable and carbon steel blade stays sharp for a long time. So you don’t need to worry about blunting after few cuts.

The ergonomic handle design of the pruning shears upper handle have curve shape and enough flat surface with soft and non-slippery rubber grip provide your hand an ultra-soft and comfortable. The lower handle is straight with similar grip. The handles are made from steel which makes it unbreakable. These nice looking garden shears are lightweight and efficient which is perfect for men and women and even children.

When you will handle the shears it will open automatically. So no pressure you have to provide on shears due to the spring back mechanism system. The spring will help you to open easily head of shears.  The shears have a safety locking system that locks the blade in different position. The lock button is on the upper hand and behind the blade and due to this locking button position you can lock it by your thumb. This lock system prevents you from potential danger.

The pruning shears manufacturer offered that if you are not satisfied with the product, they will return your money or you will get a full replacement ASAP. They believe that you not just own pruning shears itself, also is service and convenient.


mockins Professional Garden ANVIL Pruning Shears

The mockin made a professional anvil pruning shears that has a stainless steel blade. The pruning shears got 98% positive ratings on the Amazon that clarify its quality. The green color with black color rubber grip makes it an uncommon tool among the shears. the stainless steel blade gives ultra sharpness and durable. Its lower flat metal has an extra metal black color notch which provides an advantage to cutting branches or trimming. Stainless steel blade is corrosion resistance and stays sharp long period.

The ergonomic green color handle design gives you comfort while cutting tree branches. The upper handle curve shape but no extra grip and the lower pretty straight handle has extra black color rubber notch grip so the fingers will easily fit with handle. It an ideal tools for cutting thick branches and dead plants.

The spring loaded shears will open automatically so you don’t need to provide pressure on the handle and it has a safety lock button on the upper handle. You can easily control open and closing blade by the button and you will press it by your thumb, no need an extra finger or another hand. Easily you can take it in the safe position to avoid an accident.


Gonicc  Professional Premium Bypass Pruning Shears 

The gonicc bypass pruning shears is another stunning shears. it gorgeous looking black color coated with the red line and golden color titanium blade makes it awesome. This is another maximum 98% plus positive rating product on the Amazon among all pruning shears. its titanium blade is the best blade configuration because titanium is a metal that is lighter, stronger, durable, rust resistance than steel or carbon steel. Its blade sharpness will stay so long time than the steel blade and carbon blade and never become blunt. That is the main reason the people love the shears.

The handles of the shears are ergonomically designed. The handles are made from steel and have two foam grips. If your hand become sweaty the grip will suck it and keeps your hand dry. So no chance to slip the shears from your hand and the foams grip is ultra smooth and soft, you never will get pain while cutting for a long time.

Spring back automatically open the blade and gives a maximum cutting edge. The pruning shears can cut up to 3/4” diameter branches which makes it a dependable tool. It has a rigid ratcheted mechanism which can help you to open and close the blade in the different position but you need another hand to set up the position. This is the only one disadvantage of this shears but it is a better strength to mechanism than a button system lock. This lock system gives it ultra durability and strength.


Fiskars All Steel Bypass Pruning Shears

This pruning shears made by Fiskars. The manufacturer is very well known for making the high-quality product. The bypass pruning shears are one of the best creation of Fiskars. They made the shears with hole body steel. The shears come with stainless steel which makes it strong, durable and corrosion resistance. Its low friction coating on blade stop slide through wood and protect from gumming up with sap and debris.

The handle is made from steel which makes the handles ultra strong and of course it drops safe. So you no need to worry about broken. This ergonomic design handle has the ultra soft rubber grips that will provide you a soft friction with your hand. It is not will be sloppy even if your hand will be sweaty due to the soft rubber grips.

The pruning shears are open lock system that gives you a freedom to open and close. It has no spring back mechanism so no need safety lock. You can easily store in your bag, the open lock system will give this freedom. The pruning shears.


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