The Best Rose Pruning Gloves


Gardening is one of the most addictive hobbies in the world. It is a practice and cultivating plants. Whether in gardens, ornamental plants are grown for their flowers, leafage or root vegetables, leafy vegetables and fruits, you usually take a pride that how beautiful your garden is. While you working in your garden or trimming trees on naked hands by pruner, your lovely hand may be injured. So you just need to wear a perfect pair of gloves which will protect you from potential injury.


Gardening or pruning gloves are a most essential tool for trimming trees. Trimming trees in your garden is not a good idea by naked hands. You must wear protective gloves to avoid injuries. The pruning gloves can be a protector of your lovely hands it will protect you while you trimming such as the rose trees.

The pruning gloves manufacturers identify that your hand needs protection and they stormed the market with a lot of variety. Now you have to consider yourself what kind of gloves you need. Pruning gloves come with different materials, thickness, sizes, colors, and price. So it’s so much important to choosing the best pruning gloves according to your desire.

How to choose best Pruning Gloves (Buying Guide)

A lot of different varieties pruning gloves covered in the market. When you look the varieties of pruning gloves, it may enslave your mind. Choosing best pruning gloves shouldn’t be homework. There are a few criteria you should read and it will help you to select the best pruning gloves easier.

A lot of different varieties gloves in the market which made from different materials. When you look it may enslave your mind. Choosing for your desire pruning gloves shouldn’t be homework. There are several criteria may help you to select best pruning gloves.


  • Perfect Fit

When you trimming trees in your garden, you surely don’t want to lose your gloves. It is the irritating and uncomfortable moment while you cutting branches of the tree. So when you look for pruning gloves just ensure that gloves fit on your hands and perfect fit always towards snug. Right size provides you a good grip and comfort. Some gloves can be fit on both male and female hands but the difference between hand size and feature on both male and female are very clear. So the pruning gloves should be chosen by gender and it will fit on your hands perfect.

  • Flexibility

The pruning gloves should be flexible and comfortable, it doesn’t matter gloves thickness. Working with inflexible pruning gloves can be compared to trying to work with a metal around your hands. When you using the gloves should be fit around your wrist and finger easily and contract with outside element. The gloves feature Velcro strap is very popular for the adjustable fit any size of wrist. You can easily wear gloves, put of it and it will never lose.

  • Sufficient Protection

Involving in gardening activities that may cause injury while you working in the garden. So you need to wear gloves that have sufficient protection ability. For protection and comfort manufacturer uses material that protects your hand from potential injuries such as rose throne. Before buying gloves you must consider that what material is used in gloves and it will protect your hand or not.

  • Material

The most important fact is the material of gloves. It determines the gloves durability and usability. The multiple varieties of material are used to make gloves and you should consider skin sensitivity when you buy.  Below some material is used to making gloves.

Cotton: cotton is generally a lightweight material which preferred in hot and humid climates. It’s breathable and ultra flexible. But cotton made gloves have inconsiderable protection.

Goatskin: goatskin made gloves is very flexible and scratch resistant. Goatskin is very high considerable material which makes gloves some of the most beautiful.

Split hide: cowhide is strong material and it will able to handle most tough garden work. It is an inflexible material rather than other material but best for handling hazardous waste or thorny objects.

Synthetic leather: Synthetic leather is very popular material due to their flexibility. It is usually used in palm region where need an extra protection. The high-quality synthetic pruning gloves within your price range you will get in your local hardware store.

  • Price

A good product comes at a good price. When you consider for gloves that you need for work, should consider your budget that how much you can be spent. Prices vary a different kind of gloves. It depends on its material and function and usability. If you need regular gloves you can get it within your budget or if you want heavier then you have pay more. Pricy gloves may be good gloves also.


Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women

Exemplary Gardens rose pruning gloves can be your true hands’ protector. It high-quality goatskin and flexibility make the best rose pruning gloves. The gloves come in five sizes and four different colors. Maroon, brown, natural and yellow colors are available in the Amazon.

The gloves different sizes will perfectly fit in your hands. Ergonomically design thumb makes easier to grip tools and also perfect for people who have arthritis. Its universal design will fit both men and women.

Using goatskin makes it flexible and comfortable and its buttery soft texture due to lanolin which moisturizes hands and keeps your hand flexible. Male or female can easily wear gloves and it fit nicely around wrist due to Velcro straps.

The gloves made from 100% natural premium goat skin to make sure it is puncture resistance which keeps your hands safe from rose spines.


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