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How many types of computer mouse?[ with pictures]

For work convenience, you will find different types of computer mouse on the market. You may not be getting the benefits you need because you don’t know. So here I will show you How many types of computer mouse so that you can choose your convenient mouse.

Here I have given a description of the different types of mouse. You will know which mouse is more comfortable for which task. I have added pictures of each mouse so that you can easily find your desired mouse by going to the computer accessories store.

After reading this article, you don’t have to look for another search to find out about the type of mouse. So stay with me till the end of the whole article. So let’s begin.

The main 4 types of computer mouse are described below.

The computer mouse can be mainly divided into 4 categories. For example, 1. According to connectivity, 2.According to technology, 3.According to usage, and 4.Depending on mouse button. Below are the descriptions of the mouse under these main categories.

1. Computer mouse based on technology

With today’s advanced technology, the mouse is also improving. So the type of mouse that you will see in the market based on the technology is described below.


A sophisticated computer pointing device is an optical mouse. It uses a light-emitting diode in place of conventional mouse balls and electrical stimulation. transducers (LED). Optical sensors with digital signals are used in this mouse’s operation (DSP). Modern optical mouse perform well on reflective and opaque materials like paper. 

However, the majority of these mouse malfunction wh

optical mouse

en placed on clear surfaces like glass or polished stone. On these surfaces, optical mouse with dark-field light can also operate trustworthily. High sensitivity is provided by the optical mouse. However, they frequently vibrate. On the other hand, an optical mouse employs low-sensitivity LED technology.

A laser mouse is a kind of optical mouse that tracks mouse movements using laser light. Laser mouse contain no internal moving components, just like other optical mice. Compared to conventional LED optical mice, laser mouse operate more precisely. 

laser mouse

The laser beam that the laser mouse employs is practically invisible to the human eye. This mouse emits a beam that passes through to the user’s hand and activates an optical sensor network.

2. Computer mouse based on connectivity

Wired mice are connected to the PC in different ways. So depending on this connectivity, how many types of mouse can be given below.


The mouse port is another name for the PS2 (Personal System-2) port. IBM was the one to create it. A computer mouse may be connected to an IBM-compatible computer use this. A mini-DIN connector with six pins serves as the PS2 port. It is also occasionally accessible on all machines that are IBM compatible. 

PS2 mouse

It is usually used to attach a PS2 mouse or other pointing devices to the notebook’s PS2 port on the rear. The PS2 mouse and keyboard have separate connectors on a lot of docking devices. Start your laptop after the PS2 device is attached.

Your device’s USB port is attached to a USB mouse. The mouse is connected to your computer via a connection that spans your desk. If you select the wireless USB option, you will have a dongle-like wireless receiver that slots into the USB port. 

USB mouse

Both connected and wireless mouse for your computer can be justified in terms of costs and advantages. If you want to play games, a wired mouse is considerably more advantageous. Wireless is the solution to go if you require convenience and don’t want to deal with cords hanging from your laptop.

A wireless mouse is one that connects to a computer wirelessly. Tablets are typically used with this Bluetooth mouse. This is due to the fact that the majority of tablets come equipped with Bluetooth. Bluetooth-enabled PCs may also be connected to via adapters, as is the case with the most wireless mouse. 

wireless mouse

It transforms the mouse’s wireless signal into a USB connection that the computer can recognize. There are two types of wireless mice: radio-frequency (RF) and Bluetooth. A most wireless mouse run on two AA batteries, which can make them fairly heavy. There is a wireless mouse available that runs on AAA or low batteries.

An RF USB dongle is needed to connect to a Bluetooth mouse. A Bluetooth mouse connects to the Bluetooth receiver that is already present in your computer using a transmitter that communicates with it. The finest option for unrestricted convenience is a Bluetooth mouse. 

Bluetooth mouse

A Bluetooth mouse communicates wirelessly with the computer via radio waves. A Bluetooth mouse may be used with a variety of devices and has a considerable range. A USB dongle is needed for USB-RF mice. However, not every gadget has a full-size USB connector. Because its peripherals may be used with devices without a USB-A connector, Bluetooth is now more compatible with a wider range of gadgets.

3. Computer mouse based on usability

We often find simple uses for almost any device. So based on usability you will find the following mice in the market.

Regular mouse monitor their positions using optical sensors. There are only three buttons on it: a right, left, and scroll button. They only function for the purposes that their makers have given them.

regular mouse

This mouse was created with gamers in mind. The gaming mouse’s sensitivity may be adjusted and is set in terms of dots per inch (DPI). The more mouse motions make the pointer travel across the screen, the higher the DPI is. A higher DPI may be obtained with a laser sensor, increasing the levels of the gaming mouse. 

gaming mouse

Gaming mouse are distinguished from the conventional mouse by special traits. For instance, there is sophisticated software for tweaking a gaming mouse. It can accommodate both higher DPI and CPI. The latency of a standard mouse is often higher than that of a gaming mouse.

4. Special Type mouse

Some mice are specially made for specific tasks. These are described below.

An ergonomic mouse, as opposed to a regular mouse, is designed with the user’s health and comfort in mind. It is specifically made to lessen discomfort and shield against harm. Less is better. An ergonomic mouse is made to be easier to hold than a regular mouse. Your mousing hand should be held more loosely to relieve wrist tendon stress. As a result, there is reduced likelihood of long-term stress and weariness.

ergonomic mouse

An alternative to the conventional computer mouse is the vertical mouse, created by Jack Lowe in 1994. The mouse’s buttons are vertical for comfort, and the scroll wheel turns 90 degrees clockwise (counter-clockwise). 

vertical mouse

A vertical mouse is preferable since it helps you to maintain your hands in a much more natural posture. Common mouse even induce harmful shoulder rotation and press the arms and hands into unnatural positions. In the long run, this may result in deterioration such as carpal tunnel syndrome, discomfort, and pain.

A trackball is a computer cursor control device used in many notebooks and laptops. The trackball is usually in front of the keyboard, facing the user. Basically, the trackball is an upside-down mouse that rotates in place within a socket. A trackball mouse relies on your fingers to move a ball over a fixed sensor. A traditional mouse is a more practical choice for gaming and precision. A trackball mouse can help improve ergonomics and limit the risk of RSI.

A pen-shaped device called a stylus mouse is made for use on graphics tablets or other gadgets that accept input via touch screens. Using the stylus mouse, you may write or sketch on the screen just like you would on paper. 

stylus mouse

You may modify the functions and functionality of your pen on your PC if you use a pen or another sort of stylus with Windows 10. The initial build of Windows 10 is 17661. Rather than scrolling or panning the screen, it now includes a new option under the Pen and Windows Ink settings that let your pen operate like a mouse.

A pointing device with a tactile sensor is a touchpad or trackpad. It is a unique surface that can convert the user’s finger movement and location into a position in relation to the operating system displayed on the screen.

touchpad mouse

You may click and scroll as needed using a roll bar mouse that is positioned immediately in the front of your keyboard, or you can use both hands at once. It allows you to operate your pc from the center of your keyboard and is frequently referred to as a track bar.

roller bar 

A roll bar mouse is a peculiar and amazing gadget. By circling a hollow tube around with a metal bar with this mouse, you can move a pointer around your screen. Rotate the tubes away from you to move the mouse up, and rotate it in the other direction to move it down.

A finger mouse is a tiny mouse that the user wears on their finger. The majority of finger mouse designs include a mouse wheel, two mouse buttons, an optical sensor light, and a flexible finger strap. The small size of this mouse makes it ideal for usage on any surface. 

finger mouse

It is therefore perfect for mobile computing. Commercially, both wireless and wired versions are offered, however, in order to connect to a computer, a USB connection is necessary.

Using a foot mouse, users must press mouse buttons using their feet in order to move the pointer on a computer screen. It is particularly appropriate for individuals who have neck issues or limitations. If you have reduced hand and arm function, utilizing a foot mouse might be quite beneficial. Additionally, it enhances ergonomics, boosts productivity, and even gives gamers an advantage.

foot mouse


A three-dimensional (three-dimensional) mouse is a pointer and controlling device created especially for navigating in a virtual three-dimensional world. Multi-axis sensors, IR lights, accelerometers, and IR sensors are just a few of the mechanisms used by 3D mouse devices to manage both 2D pointing and 3D movement.

3D mouse

Final Verdict

In this article, I have discussed all types of mouse, so I think you now know How many types of computer mouse. Choosing a suitable mouse for your computer will now be easy. But before you buy a mouse, you must think about what kind of work you will do or what kind of mouse will be useful for your work.

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