How To Free Hard Drive Space On Your Computer?

How To Free Hard Drive Space On Your Computer?

Computers’ hard drives become full after long periods of use. because sometimes special files need to be saved later. You may save files indefinitely, but sometimes they don’t get removed. You’ve probably never thought about freeing up your hard drive, but when the drive is full, you’ll see a message saying there’s not enough space to save anything else. 

So now you need to free up hard drive space. Here I will show you how to free hard drive space on your computer. Here are some tips to free your hard drive. By following these, you can easily free your PC hard drive. So let’s begin.

7 Hacks to Free Up Your PC Hard Drive Space

Keeping the hard drive free is a unique way to keep the computer fast. You can free up hard drive space by deleting unnecessary files without damaging important files. That’s why I have described seven tricks below. You can easily free your hard drive by following these.

1. Empty Your Recycle Bin. 

The easiest and most basic step to freeing up your computer’s hard disk is to delete the files in the recycle bin. When you delete a file, it gets stored in the PC’s recycle bin. In this case, the files occupy hard drive space. So the recycle bin must be kept empty. 

For this, double-click on the recycle bin icon and open it. Then select all the files and delete them. If you don’t want the file to go into the recycle bin, select Keep the file. Then press Shift and Delete. Then the file will be deleted without depositing it in the recycle bin. 

How To Free Hard Drive Space On Your Computer?

2. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Remove apps that have not been used for a long time. Sometimes the PC becomes very slow due to large apps. As a result, the PC hangs and slows down the work. But it works by installing apps again when needed. To remove unnecessary apps, right-click on the Start menu, then go to the Settings option. Then click on Apps & Features. You will see a list of installed apps. Click on “Unnecessary Apps” from here. Then uninstall the apps.

How To Free Hard Drive Space On Your Computer?

3. Delete Unnecessary Files From Storage

If you are a Windows 10 user, then you can use its great storage tools. You can see how much space is available on any storage device. You can delete unnecessary files by checking from now on. For this, right click on the start menu. Then click on Settings. Go to System from Settings. Click on Storage from System. Here you can see the total size of the “C:” drive. You can also see how much space a file has taken.

How To Free Hard Drive Space On Your Computer?

4. Turn On The Storage Sense

Storage Sense’s job is to automatically monitor hard drive space. It also allows you to automatically delete unnecessary files. You can set a schedule to automatically delete unnecessary files. Deleted files will be stored in the recycle bin. You can also use Storage Sense manually. 

This sense can also delete the downloaded file after a certain time. To use this storage sense option, right-click on the start menu. Then go to Settings. Click on “System” from Settings. In the menus, you will see storage options. Click on Storage. Then you turn on the option named “storage” above. Below you will see different options. Select the options you need.

How To Free Hard Drive Space On Your Computer?

5. Delete Temporary Files

This option is a common way to free up your computer’s hard drive. These files accumulate due to long time computer usage. The computer slows down to not delete these temporary files. So they should be cleaned regularly. Click the Start menu to delete temporary files. 

From here, click on the option called “Run”. You will see a box. Type Tree, Temp, %Temp%, and Recent in this box one by one and press Enter. Then you will get a page open every time with some temporary files. Select the temporary files and delete them.

6. Delete Unused Personal Files

Due to long-time computer usage, many files such as video, audio, images, PDF files, etc. are accumulated on the PC. Many times we don’t notice them because of the hard drive getting full. The PC slows down with it. So take some time to delete unnecessary files. Take time to sort out which files you don’t need. 

Check every drive on your computer. Once all the unnecessary files are deleted, they will go to the recycle bin. You can still bring them back. To delete all the files in the recycle bin. Press Shift+Delate to delete files on your drive. They will be permanently deleted, not in the recycle bin.

7. Delate The Unnecessary Mail

If you receive too much mail, it can take a toll on your hard drive. Although emails occupy less space, they can slow down the PC. So you should delete the junk mail. But you can delete these emails in a smart way. For example, there is an option in the settings that automatically deletes previous mails after a certain amount of time. Besides, you can delete all mail from social media and mail from promotions.

Final Verdict

I have detailed the possible options to free up your computer’s hard drive. So, I hope that you now know how to free hard drive space on your computer. However, if you run out of hard drive space and cannot delete some files, you can use a USB flash drive. This will reduce the stress on your hard drive. Also, after installing a new app, delete the app’s file. Regularly emptying the trash or recycle bin will speed up your PC and free up hard drive space.

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