How to Speed Up Windows For Free

How to Speed Up Windows For Free? [15 Easy Tips]

You may not find a person who has ever thought about increasing a laptop’s or computer’s speed. In fact, long-term use of your laptop or computer makes it work slowly. It is very annoying that you spend too much time on your work. For this, I’ll tell you how to speed up Windows for free in a short time. So let’s get started.

Tip-1: Disable Startup Applications

All the software that opens when you turn on the laptop or computer is called Startup Applications. One of the reasons for PC(Personal Computer) slow work is these startup applications. These applications take up a lot of space in the processing of data. So if you turn off these startup applications, your PC will be fast. Right-click on the Startup icon to turn off these startup applications. Then click on Task Manager

How to Speed Up Windows For Free

You will see a box. From here, click on the Startup option. Here you will see a list of all the applications on your laptop or computer, and you will also see how much energy is expended on each application. Disable the applications that you do not need. In short, right-click on the Start→Task Manager→ click on the Startup→ right-click on Enable. 

Tip-2: Uninstall The Useless Software

Some third-party apps are already installed on the laptop or computer. all of which you may not need. In addition, we have installed many types of apps while running the PC(Personal Computer) for a long time. These apps are not always applicable. If the apps are active on the PC, they take up extra space, which slows down the laptop or computer. So, to make Windows faster, you should uninstall all unused apps.

To do this, first right-click on the Start menu, then click on the Settings option, then click on Apps. Here you will see all the apps in Apps & Features. Click on the apps you don’t need and uninstall them. In short; right-click on the Start menu → click on Settings →  click on Apps → Apps & Features → Uninstall. 

How to Speed Up Windows For Free

Tip-3: Close The Multitasking Apps

Multitasking is great for working fast. Multitasking on a good-quality laptop or computer can be done without any problems. However, if your PC is low quality or has been used for a long time, it will slow down. It is better not to use multitasking on this type of problem, as it takes more time. In addition, multitasking often causes the PC to hang. 

Running a few high-impact apps at the same time puts an extra strain on the processor. high-impact apps like Adobe Photoshop, Zoom, 3ds Max, etc. So make an app without multitasking to make the computer fast. If you have run many apps, you can turn them off from the taskbar. 

Right-click on the taskbar to cancel multitasking. Then you will see the Task Manager option. Click on it. You will see the apps that are running at the top. Right-click on the specific apps you want to cancel. Then click on “End Task” and it will be closed. In short, right-click on the taskbar→ Task Manager→ End Task. 

How to Speed Up Windows For Free

Tip-4: Disable Special Effects And Animations

Current operating systems are smoother and have more new features than any previous operating system. There are many small or large animations attached to this operating system. This makes the taskbar, menu bar, skin, etc. work much smoother. At the same time, these options slow down your PC a lot. 

However, this advanced system can be turned off in the current versions of Windows 10 and 11. To do this, right-click on the Start menu. Here you will see the setting options. Click on this setting option and type “view advanced system settings” in the search bar. Then a dialog box appears. Select the Advanced option from this box. Then click on Settings. Uncheck all the options under Visual Effects. Then click “Apply” and then “Ok”. 

In short, right-click on the Start menu→ Click on this setting→ type “view advanced system settings” in the search bar→ Advanced→ Settings→ Visual Effects→ Uncheck all→ “Apply” then “Ok”.

How to Speed Up Windows For Free

Tip-5: Turn off The Game Mode

Personally, I don’t like playing games. You can spend time playing to acquire skills. However, the game can be played smoothly if the game mood is on. You can keep it on when you play games, but it is better to keep this option off when working on other apps. because it consumes extra energy. 

It is very easy to turn off the game mood. Right-click on the Start menu. Then go to Settings. Then click on the gaming option. Then you can turn the game mode on or off from here. In short; Right-click on Start→ settings→ gaming→ game mode→ on/off. 

How to Speed Up Windows For Free

Tip-6: Keep Windows Updated

Updating Windows during important tasks can be annoying. But you must remember that it is very important to ensure the performance and security of your laptop or computer. Also, if you do not update Windows for a long time, the PC becomes slow. So you should update Windows regularly. 

You can keep Auto Update on, but it may slow down. It is better to update manually, considering all aspects. To do this, right-click on the Start menu. Then click on Settings. Click on Windows Update from now on. Now check if the update is available. Then you will see which ones need updating. In short; right-click on the Start menu→ Settings→ Windows Update.

How to Speed Up Windows For Free

Tip-7: Test Your Net Connection

If the internet connection is not good, you will not be able to work fast. In addition, the number of new apps on the PC increases over time, resulting in the need for a faster internet connection. Check your network connection. Check if you are getting speed according to your needs. 

If you do not get the speed you need, then there may be a problem with the Internet router. Also, tell your wi-fi provider. Even if everything is fine, if the speed of the net is not good, you can connect with an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi speed will not go up and down, a certain speed will be maintained.

How to Speed Up Windows For Free

Tip-8: Virus & Threat Protection

Viruses can slow down your PC. If you do not take appropriate action, the hard disk may eventually fail. So you should use a good antivirus on your laptop or desktop. Also, the virus should be checked regularly. Right-click on the Start menu to check for viruses. Then click on Update & Security Options from Settings. You can then check for viruses using the Windows Security option. In short; right-click on the start menu→ Setting→ Update & Security→ Windows Security.

How to Speed Up Windows For Free

 However, Windows Defender is already pre-installed with Windows 10 and 11. Windows Defender is one of the highest quality antivirus programs. This will allow you to catch most viruses. You can also use any other good antivirus.

Tip-9: Run Your PC At Full Power

Each window has a “power plan”. This option allows you to keep the PC running at full speed. If you use a laptop, it is usually not at full speed. So you need to set the full speed manually. However, the battery life is less at full speed. Right-click the battery icon from the taskbar to check the PC’s “Power Plan”

As a result, you will see the power option in Windows 10 and the slip settings option in Windows 11. From here you will get the required setting options. Here you can select the “High-Performance” option, and then you will get the best performance for the PC. However, if you think about the battery savings, you can select the “balance” option.

Tip-10: Clean Up The Disk

Current Windows has an app called “Disk Cleanup.”  This allows you to easily delete unnecessary files. These apps are not perfect, but much better than free. This is a quick and easy way to clean the disk. No internet access is required to use these apps. 

To use it, type “disk cleanup” in the search option from the taskbar. When the Disk Cleanup app appears, open it. Here you will find different options for each drive. Now clean each drive one by one. In short, search for “disk cleanup”–> Open → Select drive→ Cleanup system files→Ok.

How to Speed Up Windows For Free

Tip-11: Cleanup Your PC

Both laptops and desktops collect a lot of dust. The PC heats up very quickly. The PC shuts down due to overheating. Also, sometimes the inside of the laptop can melt. So you can clean the PC at least once a year. If the PC stays on for a long time, it should be cleaned more often. If you are confident, you can open the desktop casing and clean it yourself. 

However, in the case of laptops, it is better not to clean them yourself. because it contains many small sensitive parts. It is better if you send it to a computer service. They will be able to clean the laptop well with their specific equipment and techniques.

How to Speed Up Windows For Free

Tip-12: Disable Transparency

The transparency effect can slow down your PC. Clarity effects also reduce battery life. Because the brighter the skin of the PC, the more the charge will cost. Its effects are minimal compared to other effects, but it is important to turn off the transparency effect to make your PC full quickly. Right-click on the Start menu to turn off this option. Then click on Settings. Then click on the Personalization option. Select a colour from here. Turn off the “transparency effect” slider. In short, start menu→ Setting→ Personalization→ colour→ Turn off the “transparency effect”. 

How to Speed Up Windows For Free

Tip-13: Allow Automatic Maintenance Of Windows

If the Automatic Maintenance Windows option is on, it will maintain your PC. This option will ensure that your PC is running at its maximum performance. Its security scanning system diagnoses your PC and makes sure everything is working properly. If it detects a problem, it tries to fix it automatically. So make sure the Automatic Maintenance Windows system is on. To check, right-click on the Start menu, then go to Settings. Type “Automatic Maintenance” in the search option here. Then check the box for Scheduled Maintenance.

In short, Control Panel—> System and Security—> Security and Maintenance—>  Maintenance–> Automatic Maintenance–> click “Start maintenance”–> check the box “Allow scheduled maintenance” –> click OK.

How to Speed Up Windows For Free

Tip-14: Turn Off The Windows Tips

Windows 10 and 11 sometimes give you some tips on how to use the operating system better. Now the thing is that then they are keeping an eye on us. If not, how will they know what we need? This is a threat to security. At the same time, this option slows down your PC. 

So turn it off. To do this, right-click on the Start menu. Then go to Settings. Select the system here. Then select notifications and actions. Turn off the “Get tips, tricks, and tips as soon as you use Windows” option at the bottom. Also, from here you can set other options. as required. 

In short, Start menu→ settings→ notifications and actions→ Turn off “Get tips, tricks, and tips as soon as you use Windows.”

How to Speed Up Windows For Free

Tip-15: Restart Your PC

Current PCs have been developed to run 24/7. Even then, you should give it a break from time to time. With occasional breaks, your PC is really able to work at the previous speed. So restart the laptop or desktop when it hangs. Resetting the PC clears the damaged files. This solves many problems. If you change a new setting, it may not work immediately. But when you restart, you will see that your PC is working properly.

Final Verdict

I have described almost all the possible ways to increase the speed of your laptop or desktop. So I’m sure you now know how to speed up Windows for free. But remember, don’t turn on a lot of heavy software at once. This may cause your PC to hang. But if you want to spend money, you can use an SSD (Solid State Drive). This will make your PC much faster. it is a flash-based memory that is much faster than a traditional hard disk.

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