Privacy Policy

We should let our readers know how we handle our readers’ data. We’ve created this page to find out in which cases we use personal data from readers. We think it is very important for readers to know this. We don’t want to do anything against the will of the readers. This privacy policy applies to ConsumerEmpire readers. Read the full article for details.

Why Does ConsumerEmpire Collect And Use Data From Readers?

We always aim to provide our readers with the best possible service. It is important for us to know what readers are most interested in. And that is why it is important to know the data. For example, you have searched for or commented on a product that you are interested in learning about. We collect that data and try to provide services accordingly. We usually make money through ads and subscriptions, so our advertisers ask us to use our reader data. so that the ads reach the maximum number of readers.

What Kind Of Data Is Collected About Me When I Access ConsumerEmpire?

We collect different types of information for different ConsumerEmpire services. We usually collect data in two ways: 1. indirect 2. Direct, The kind of data we get from you is direct data. such as the type of information you submit when creating an account. Most of the time, we just collect your email.

Indirect data is usually collected passively, as data is collected by tracking technology as soon as you visit our site. We also collect data about our readers from social media platforms. But, of course, that information must be public. We do not collect his data unless someone wants to know.

What Does ConsumerEmpire Do With The Data Collected On Me?

We use the data we collect on you to find out what products you’re interested in. That data helps us to find out what you are interested in. How you use the data depends on how you access our site. Above all, we collect your data in order to make this website suitable for you or to provide services according to your needs.

Will Our Data Be Safe At ConsumerEmipre?

We are committed to keeping readers’ data safe. We do not have any technical or organizational weaknesses to keep the data secure. ConsumerEmipre is very dedicated to maintaining your data. We never want to harm our readers. Our goal is to serve readers, not harm or degrade them.

Why Do You Have The Option To Use Google And Facebook To Log In?

In fact, it is very easy for anyone to log in using Google and Facebook. If you log in using Google and Facebook, you can spend less time logging in. Another advantage is that it has much fewer pieces of data to share. It also increases the readership and our confidence.