This page describes the terms and conditions that govern the use of certain ConsumerEmpire products or services. Please read these terms carefully before purchasing any product recommended by ConsumerEmpire, as these terms and conditions protect your legal rights.

Please see our Privacy Policy for detailed information on how we collect, use, and share someone’s personal information. Please see the following points for details.

General Rules

If you wish to use (the “Site”) and any features of this site, you must agree to be bound by all of these terms and conditions.

We may change, modify and modify parts of this Terms of Service at any time. Changes will take effect as soon as they are posted. It is your responsibility to check these issues before using our services.
You can cancel your account if you find that any of these terms are unacceptable. Therefore, your continued use of the service indicates that you agree with the changed terms.
We may change, amend, suspend or discontinue any part of our terms and conditions at any time. We may also modify or limit your access to any database of our services, the availability of content, or any features of the services without notice or liability.

The Content of the Services

Use all the content on our site for personal and non-commercial purposes.

All content published on the site (text, photographs, images, pictures, designs, video clips, audio clips, metadata, data, and any compilation) is protected by copyright. Also the provider and owner of all content published by consumerEmpire. To comply with all copyright notices, information, and restrictions on this service.
Bangladesh and international law protect content copyrights, patents, trademarks, database rights, trade privacy, proprietary rights, and intellectual property. You may not alter, transmit, transfer, publish or sell any of our content or services in whole or in part.
You may only copy or download any information from our website for personal use. However, it must comply with all copyright laws. Copying and storing content for any other purpose without the permission of ConsumerEmpire is strictly prohibited.

About Reader Comments And User Reviews:

If you upload any content on our website that represents us, you must have the legal right to upload the content to us. In addition, the content or service should not deprive any person of his or her rights.

You may not upload any obscene, defamatory, or insulting material. You may not provide misleading information in the guise of someone else or knowingly for the purpose of deception. Do not publish or upload any viruses, malware, spyware, or any other malicious files or software on our website.
You agree that you will not speak insultingly to other people, use derogatory language, or send meaningless messages, also known as “spamming”. Use respectful language and do not use discriminatory language on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, age, disability, region, etc.
You can have a fair debate, but you can’t be aggressive. Anyone can disagree with your words. ConsumerEmpire welcomes fair debate but may immediately suspend your access permanently if it is a personal attack and a direct violation of the Terms of Service.
You may use our website for non-commercial purposes only. You can’t publish any advertisements, product promotions, requests for funds, etc. without the approval of ConsumerEmpire. In addition, visitors to our site will not be able to collect or use any information.
You acknowledge that anything you submit to our website (comments, reviews, audio, video, photographs, etc.) may be edited, modified, removed, or published. You are giving these rights to ConsumerEmpire.

Prohibited Usage Of The Service

You agree that you will not take any action that could harm third parties. You may not use our services in violation of our laws or at the expense of third parties or other proprietary or legal rights. You also agree that you will not allow unauthorized access to any content. Without the prior written consent of ConsumerEmpire, you will not:

(i) ConsumerEmpire will revoke your access to any content, part, or information that requires your permission to access the Services, which is not authorized.

(ii) Use scripts, services, robots, spiders, software, or any other automated or manual device process. which are designed to mine service content, data mines, or data scraps. Otherwise, you will not be able to collect or access content or data.

(iii) Software in services that use manual or automated processes and that impose security or bypass or block any access and measure restrictions, conditions that control access to the Services.

(iv) Do not take steps that impose unreasonable or unreasonably large loads on our website.

(v) Disable the ad serving and the functionality of the Services.

Users and their associates may be subject to criminal, civil, or administrative fines or sanctions for engaging in any of the prohibited activities of our services.

Warranty and Compensation; Limitations of Liability

You represent and agree that (1) any information submitted through your account will not infringe the rights of any third party, including trademarks, copyrights, privacy, or proprietary rights.

(2) There are illegal elements, such as You are at least 18 years old if you live in Bangladesh. If you are under the age of 18, your legal guardian or parent has read the terms of this service and has agreed to use this service for you.

(3) The Terms of Service shall hereby apply to any claims arising out of any liability and compensation arising from the ConsumerEmpire owner, director, all officers, agents, information providers, and licensing associates against any liability and costs incurred by the parties.

(4) ConsumerEmpire does not represent or assume the accuracy of the information in any comments, suggestions, or statements uploaded by the information provider, users, or anyone else. “We will not be liable if any user engages in interactions with other users.” You acknowledge that such

Statements, suggestions, and opinions are up to you. The company concerned will be liable for the warranty of any product as per their law. ConsumerEmpire does not warrant any products and also ensures that the products or services are error-free. We just recommend you. Purchase if you like, not otherwise.

Security and Registration

You can use a password to create an account or log in by linking to a Google, or Facebook account. You may be asked for some information while creating an account.

An account can only be used by one person. Do not share your account with anyone else, otherwise, the account may be considered canceled. You need to save the account password at your own risk. You cannot use someone else’s account.
You can get any information from us via the email provided by us. You agree that we will not use the information we send you for any other purpose. You are also solely responsible for any distortion of information due to a problem with the device you are using.
For any information, please send an e-mail to Also notify us of suspicious unauthorized use or loss of credit card information, unauthorized disclosure, or security issues.
You are responsible for the unethical activities of any third party using your account. We may cancel your account for any kind of abusive, fraudulent, or illegal activity or seek help from law enforcement.

Payments And Fees

We don’t charge a fee for visiting our website or receiving services. However, if necessary, we can charge service fees, but you will be informed in advance.

If there are all new fees, they will be prominently posted at other appropriate places in the service. All fees incurred through your account will be valid for the billing period. However, this charge will not be integrated with the price of the product.

Links To Third-Party Content And Websites

Our website contains links to third-party websites, links to advertisers, and resources. ConsumerEmpire is not responsible for any third-party content outside of this link. This means that if you want to receive the services of the relevant website, then you have to do it at your own risk.

Software License

You will not be entitled to any additions or adjustments made to the private website and any associated documents that are made available to you in order to access the services (“Software”). Any licenses or sublicenses that ConsumerEmpire has issued may not be transferred or assigned.

Any effort to sublicense, assign, or transfer will be unsuccessful and null. This kind of software may only be duplicated for archival purposes. You won’t be permitted to copy, distribute, alter, reverse-engineer, or produce a derivative work from the program if you don’t comply.


None of the terms on this website will violate the promises made in the Privacy Policy.
Letters should be sent to
Please let us know in an email as soon as you become aware of any violations on the website.
If any of the terms of service on this website are unfair, please let us know so that we can restore your fair rights.
Inform us if any of your content is copyright infringed so that we can take the necessary action.
Email us with your address, phone number, email, and other information with details of the copyrighted part.