9 Best Outdoor Montessori Toys That Encourage Imaginative Play

As children grow, their independent thinking mindset increases. In addition to balanced food, good quality Montessori toys should be provided for them during this time. Outdoor Montessori toys are very important for their mental growth. So here I will highlight the best outdoor Montessori toys.

I hope you will like any of the 9 outdoor Montessori toys mentioned here. If you are searching for Montessori toys in different colors in the same category, then enter the link and keep scrolling down. So let’s select Montessori toys for your growing child without delay.

These Are The Best Outdoor And Indoor Montessori Toys.

Try to understand your child’s mentality while choosing Montessori toys. Evaluate their preferences. Also, make sure that the toys are attractive and durable. You can select any of the following 9 Montessori Toys.

Jardineer Kids Garden Set

1. Jardineer Kids Garden Set

This kids’ garden set is from the Jardineer brand. This is a unique toddler gardening set. The set contains a variety of gardening tools. You will get a total of 7 pieces of garden tools.

Full Gardening Set:

This gardening set has a total of 7 pieces of tools. The set comes with essential gardening tools for kids like: garden bag, tote bag, apron, watering can, gardening gloves, etc. The set is perfect for kids as a gift or prize. It will enhance kids’ gardening skills.

It Will Inculcate A Love For Nature:

This set will attract your kids to nature. They will learn to explore and appreciate new things. Children will learn to respect plants. Kids can take gardening tools to the side of the house or to the playground.

Healthy Hobbies:

The kids’ gardening set will help them join you in planting trees. It is one of the healthy hobbies that has no downsides. So instead of endless video games, you can help them with their own kids’ gardening tools. The tote bag that comes with the set will help kids carry the garden set conveniently.

An Apron And Garden Bag:

This kids’ gardening set comes in a unique hedgehog pattern. This pattern delights and attracts children. Plus, cute gloves and aprons let kids enjoy outdoor fun without getting dirty. They are comfortable and easy to clean.

Durable And Safe:

This set of tools has no sharp metal heads and a wooden handle. The tools are more durable than plastic and are easier to clean. It is safe for children’s hands.

UNGLINGA Lab Experiments Science Kits for Kids

2. UNGLINGA Lab Experiments Science Kits for Kids

The UNGLINGA Lab Experiment Set contains 70 items. This science kit is perfect if your child is 4-6-8 or 12. It can be an educational scientific toy gift. It has a chemistry set, an erupting volcano, crystal growing, fruit circuit stem activity, etc.

The Science Kit Inspires Kids:

Kids will have the opportunity to explore multiple experiments while sharing hours with friends or classmates. Your kid will look like a real scientist in the lab! It will encourage children to do critical thinking. Besides, the mindset for solving various problems will be created. This will help them sharpen their math and science skills.

70 Tests Total:

With this kit, you can do different experiments, such as: making and exploding volcanoes; balloon rockets; growing crystals; and some awesome chemical reactions! Each test is easy to administer, safe, and a lot of fun!

Easy To Follow Manual:

Test instructions are provided with clear illustrations of each experiment step. It is a detailed learning guide that teaches science at work through experiments. The kit will help your child develop deep knowledge and a lasting appreciation of science through a variety of experiments.

Gaining Scientific Experience Through Play:

Your kids will learn the scientific experiment process, the basics of chemistry, and how to conduct experiments safely. That is, the kit will provide basic scientific concepts and promote sound understanding.

Educational Toys:

This UNGLINGA STEM series offers kids educational toys that are tons of fun! All the ingredients included are child friendly and safe. For more details, visit the Amazon link.

Essenson Outdoor Explorer Kit

3. Essenson Outdoor Explorer Kit

The Essenson outdoor explorer kit comes with a bug catcher set. Along with binoculars, butterfly nets, and magnifying glasses, it is quite popular as a camping adventure for kids. The toy could be a perfect gift for boys aged 3 to 12 years.

Adventure And Nature Explorer Kit:

 All the tools of the adventurer and explorer are included in this set. This set includes an explorer hat, optical 5x binoculars, butterfly net, water bottle buckle, magnifying glass, bug jar, whistle, backpack, bug tongs, etc.

Creative And Educational:

By wearing the vest and attaching all the search equipment, boys can use binoculars to observe the flight of birds in the park. Besides, you can use a magnifying glass to observe butterflies and insects in the backyard. Your kids will learn to have more fun by being explorers.

Exploring The Natural World:

The kit will encourage scientific exploration and a love of nature. Children will get a chance to see nature up close with the AB Explorer Kit. As a result, they will learn more about the natural world. This toy will stimulate your child’s curiosity and boost their imagination. Besides, camping trips, outdoor, indoor investigations will be quite fun.

Kids’ Unique Gifts:

This exploration kit encourages scientific exploration and a love of nature. It also supports STEM learning. Kids can easily carry the backpack indoors or in the backyard. This will encourage your child to learn to be adventurous and explore. It can be the best gift for 4 to 8 year old boys. Search below the link to choose a girl.

GILOBABY Kitchen Pretend Toy

4. GILOBABY Kitchen Pretend Toy

The Gilobabi Kitchen Pretend Toy is for kids aged 3 to 8 years. It has cut fruits, cooking utensils, pan sets, etc. It can be an educational gift for kids. The color of cooking toys for kids is pink.

Healthy Food Toys:

This totally fun set includes 3 cookware. There are also 2 pot lids, 5 cooking utensils, 2 pans, 1 cutting board, 1 carrot, 1 knife, 1 pepper, 1 cabbage, 1 eggplant, 1 watermelon, 1 egg, 1 kiwi, 1 fish, and 1 crab. Kids can assemble or disassemble the toys to role play them. It will be endless fun for kids.

Safe And Durable:

The toys are brightly colored, and the variety of food toys are non-toxic. It is made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic. The toy set is safe and durable. It won’t hurt the babies’ delicate skin. The sleek look of the toys is quite safe for play.

It Increases Hand Strength:

 Equipped with a knife, the complete set comes with 6 cutting fruits, an eggplant, vegetables – a carrot, a cabbage, a pepper, a kiwi, and a watermelon. Your kids can cut fruits and vegetables in half and put them back together. These toys help children develop hand strength.

Primary Education:

Through this toy, children can learn food, matching, sorting, motor skills, choice making, and hand-eye coordination. Foods play a great role as different vivid role-players for different color detection. Children can play the game with friends or parents, improving parent-child interaction, friendship, and communication skills.

The Perfect Gift:

Since various vibrant foods attract children, this can be a great gift for them. They are perfect for small hands to hold toys. If your child is 3 to 5 years old or older, you can choose these Kitchen Pretend Toys for them.

JOYIN Big Bubble ( Outdoor / Indoor)

5. JOYIN Big Bubble ( Outdoor / Indoor)

The Joyin Bubble Pack is a summer toy. This is for both outdoor and indoor activities. A Bubbles Party is a big surprise for kids. It has two dozen or 24 bubbles in one pocket.

Big Bubbles:

This is a super value toy pack set of summer and festival favors. A pack perfect for kids’ outdoor play, bubble themed parties, bath time, carnivals, school activities and more!


Each pack contains 24 Big Bubble Wands. There are 4 each of yellow, 4 pink, 4 blue, 4 red, 4 green, and 4 dark blue bubble wands. It also has an easy two-grip design and a 4 oz. giant bubble maker.


Great for themed parties, camping trips, activities, events, carnivals, gifts, graduations, pool and family reunion events for kids. Also, non-stop bubbles for kids; lots of bubbles come out when you blow on the stick. It’s easy to use, super durable, and easy to attach.


This solution has passed all safety tests such as TRA,USP61, and USP51. But do not drink. It is safe for children’s faces and skin.

Little Tikes Fountain Water Table

6. Little Tikes Fountain Water Table

The Little Tikes Fountain Water Table is an outdoor garden toy. It is a safe and portable set designed for kids. This is a sensory toy for garden games for babies aged 24 months and older. This will encourage your child’s creative play. 

Build And Splash Teaches:

Whether your little one likes building, splashing, or any sensory toy, this set has this fountain water table covered. It is great for group garden play, creative outdoor toys, and social interaction.

STEM Learning For Kids:

Its mix and match pieces are fun for preschoolers. It introduces hands-on science learning. Its after effects during fun outdoor kids’ activities. This in turn evokes intuitive understanding. 

Exciting water toys. The water pump fills the tower and then flows into the fountain. Water can flow into any one of the three fountains in it.


This is an ideal toy for kids; it includes 13 interchangeable pipes, faucets, and fittings. There are also three beautiful things: a boat, a funnel, and a water cup. This fun set can be a great toy gift for kids.

Size And Shape:

The total weight of the set is 4.70 kg. Its height is 95.25 cm, width 74.93 cm, depth 74.93 cm. The set holds a total of 7 gallons of water. It takes 3 AA batteries (not included). If your child is 24 months to 6 years old, you can choose this sensory toy water table.

CROSOFMI Construction Moving Sandbox

7. CROSOFMI Construction Moving Sandbox

The CROSOFMI Construction Moving Sand Kit will hold 2 lbs of sand. It includes six construction vehicles and 10 road signs. It also comes with a collapsible sandbox, sand tools, and cool sand molds. A toy suitable for your kids aged 3 to 7+ years.

More Sand:

It comes with 2 pounds of magic sand that is easy to shape and easy to mold. Nothing compares to kids enjoying DIY. I think it is the perfect Montessori outdoor toy.

More Models:

There are favorite engineering vehicles and road signs for your kids. Besides, children can learn more while playing in the sand.

Collapsible Sandbox:

There is a sandbox for play which holds magic sand. This sandbox is easy to clean and store. Your house will be tidy.

Applicable Scenarios:

A toy set suitable for any occasion or child’s gift.

Friendly Materials:

This construction moving sand kit is made of environmentally safe materials. This sand is not harmful to your children’s skin.

EASY OUTDOOR Space Dome Climber

8. EASY OUTDOOR Space Dome Climber

The Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber is made of rust and UV resistant steel. It weighs about 1000 pounds. It is useful if your child is between 3 and 9 years of age.

High-Quality Steel:

This space dome climber is made of top-quality steel. The Space Dome Climber is rust and UV-resistant for all-weather durability. It is great for outdoor weather use. The Space Dome is highly durable and resilient.

Endless Play Time:

This colorful outdoor dome will be well enjoyed by your little kids or teenagers. This will improve their limb strength, agility, and balance. Besides, their social and cognitive skills will develop. Teenagers will gain confidence by having fun in the sun.


 The Space Dome is designed for your 3- to 9-year-old child. This hard dome is great fun and develops interpersonal characteristics. It’s a toy that’s more fun when friends are around, so parents can invite their kids’ friends over.

Size And Shape:

The Space Dome Climber has a weight capacity of about 1000 lbs. Its size is 91 X 46 X 91 inches. 5 kids can play at the same time.

Wooden Dollhouse and Furniture Accessories

9. Wooden Dollhouse and Furniture Accessories

This is the Amazon Basic 4-Storey Wooden House. It is suitable for a 30.48 cm doll and her accessorized furniture.

Dollhouse Parts:

This dollhouse has 4 levels with 8 rooms and 1 balcony.


The dollhouse is made of FSC-certified wood for durability and strength. It has a smooth elevator and includes adjustable furniture.

Size And Shape:

Kids can hold dolls up to 30.48 cm tall. But the dolls

  This is not included. Its size is 120 x 31 x 134.5 cm.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can 2 Year Olds Play With Outdoor Montessori Toys?

Yes, it can. A child can walk when he is 2 years old. He is curious about many things, and his curiosity increases day by day. So you can give them outdoor Montessori toys. But they must be under your supervision. Keeping outdoor Montessori toys under your supervision increases safety. Besides, it is important to let children play outside in the shade during the summer.

Why Do Parents Choose Montessori Outdoor Toys?

Parents usually choose Montessori education for their children because it helps them achieve a style of hands-on early childhood education. But it has to be consistent with their vision and your child’s desire. They should select Montessori toys that will develop their intelligence. 

Parents want children to be highly capable and to keep children healthy. In addition, this type of play increases attention to learning, so parents choose Montessori outdoor toys. 


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